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Hardy Lang, Chef of the Kurpark-Klinik, has been a member of the Association for Best BIO Chefs since 2018 BIOSpitzenköche an.

The nationwide unique Association of Chefs and BEST BIO CHEFS is part of the Federal Programm of ecological farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture.


At the Kurpark-Klinik, we have recognized the need to integrate nutritional therapy as a central component of an overall medical treatment concept already decades ago. Our nutritional therapy is strictly based on only using fresh food with focus on whole food nutrition.

Knowledge communicated in our lectures and group discussions is directly translated into practice in our Teaching Kitchen. Under the guidance of our experienced expert Dipl-Ing. Nutritionist and Hygiene Technologist Gabriele Wagner, you will be able to apply the new concepts according to the principal "Learning by doing"!

Counseling and related instructional events
for all types of nutritions and diets

  • Whole foods (rich in dietary fiber)
  • Light foods
  • Vegetarian (ovo/lacto vegetarian diets)
  • Foods / diets for dieabetics
  • Low-purine diets
  • Calcium-rich diets
  • Diets related to metabolic imbalance
  • Individual types of diets including food intolerance


In the kitchen of the Kurpark-Klinik , we use (with the exception of game and fish) only foods products exclusively from controlled biological cultivation. Whenever possible we use regional products.

Organic products contain in addition to the necessary vitamins and trace elements, many bioactive substances that play an important role in the therapy with regards to the prevention of disease.

Some studies conducted by the Kurpark-Klinik prove the long-term effect of this therapeutic approach, not only in terms of a successful weight loss, but especially in terms of experiencing an improved quality of life.

Since 2004, the Kurpark-Klinik is certified as a clinic processing/using organic products according to the EU Regulation (EEC) is 2092/91 Recertification (monitoring) takes place on an annual basis by the IMO - Institute for Marketecologgy - IMO GmbH, Konstanz . Recertified until January 31, 2017.



for Diet-Related Diseases | Internal Medicine| Diabetology | Therapeutic Fasting | Naturopathic Medicine

Certified Center for Diabetes DDG
for Type 2 Diabetics

Teaching Clinic for Nutritional Medicine