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Inpatient Treatment

In case you need to be treated as an inpatient, you should file your application with the health insurance prior to deciding to stay with us. The application can be filed at your

  • treating physician’s office
  • health insurance or pension/retirement insurance carrier

If the inpatient treatment has been approved by your health or pension / retirement health insurance, we will invoice the patient's insurance carrier directly for the treatment cost.

Reservations and Registration

If you have decided for a stay at the Kurpark-Klinik, please arrange a date for admission with us. Reservations will be processed by us upon receipt of the application form. In case you wish to cancel your reservation, no charges will apply as long as you submit your notice of cancellation two weeks before your date of arrival. For a cancellation received later than two weeks prior to admission, we charge a late-cancellation fee. Should you have to depart before the contractual departure date for reasons outside of our control, and should we not have been able to fill the vacancy at the time of your departure, you will be charged for an additional three days.

Local visitor’s tax is calculated separately.

Application for the Rehabilitation Program

If you wish to apply for a rehabilitation program after you have for example left the hospital or have endured a serious illness, you should first ask yourself what to expect from a rehabilitation treatment or stay. The answer to this question is an important clue in the conversation with the doctor and the filing of an application for rehabilitation. Is the reason for example getting back to health after the illness and return to a normal life or are there already indications that the illness could potentially result in a disability?

Generally, it is important to approach the rehabilitation application with a clear goal in mind and also to discuss your goal and expectation with the doctor, since he or she is ultimately the one to decide about the medical necessity of a rehabilitation program and who has to support your application.

Three steps to apply for the Rehabilitation Program

Step 1
Discuss your need for a rehabilitation treatment program with your treating physician. He will then help you to fill out the applications.

Step 2
Based on the current diagnoses and the individual examination results, the treating physician will write a diagnoses report to be enclosed in the application.

Step 3
Next, the completed rehabilitation application and the form with your personal data will be submitted to the rehabilitation cost carrier (your health insurance) by postal mail.

Consultation regarding the Rehabilitation Application Process

It is advisable to seek consultation prior to and during the application process. The following organizations offer consultation services

Your right to select the clinic of your choice

Prior to the planned rehabilitation, you should be well informed about which rehabilitation clinic treats your condition. Additionally, ask yourself about your expectations in terms of location, service and facilities. Important is that the clinic has been accredited and certified by an independent regulatory body and accordingly conforms to high, regularly monitored quality standards. The Kurpark-Klinik is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the Directives 5.0 of the German Society for Medical Rehabilitation (DEGEMED).

Add your suggestion for the clinic of your choice to the application since according to § 9 SGB IX you have the right to choose treatment at a clinic or hospital of your preference. The treatment center, clinic or hospital must be certified and there may not be any medical reasons contrary to the illness requiring the rehabilitation program. It is important to know that a rehabilitation health insurance carrier (e.g. the statutory health insurance) is not entitled to grant your request for a preferred treatment center solely on the condition that you pay the “difference” between the standard rate and the actual charges.

Such a co-payment is legally not permissible! Costs are based on the performance-benefit principle. This means that you have the statutory right to rehabilitation services. Moreover, you are entitled to be reimbursed for all related services without being liable for the so-called “difference” between the standard hospital charges of the by the insurance carrier preferred rehabilitation clinic and the clinic you have selected.

Exercise your right to stay at a treatment center, clinic, or hospital of your choice!

Private health Insurance (PHI)

Whether private health insurance covers the costs for a treatment, depends on the scope of the contractual agreement between the private health insurance and you. Please check your insurance coverage prior to applying for a treatment or rehabilitation program.

Decision and Objection

You will be notified by the respective insurance provider regarding the socio-medical assessment and insurance regulatory assessment of your application. In case your application is rejected, you do have the opportunity to object in writing within one month. Often, the rehabilitation is approved after you have filed an objection – thus, do not hesitate to exercise your right to appeal the decision. The same applies in the event that you do not agree with the proposed facility. Briefly request a change of registration to the clinic of your choice since you do have a right to select a particular clinic.

The cost carrier (health insurance) will, however, determine the type, duration (beginning and end), as well as the extent and performance of the treatment and medical services.


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