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kurpark klinik


The Kurpark-Klinik with its Departments of Internal Medicine and Diabetology is according to
§ 111 SGB V an accredited, licensed clinic specializing in inpatient rehabilitation treatments.

Services provided are

  • Inpatient treatment for follow-up after acute illnesses
  • Follow-up treatments (Rehab)
  • Preventive treatments

With 128 inpatient beds, the Kurpark-Klinik provides treatment to patients covered by

  • Federal pension and retirement insurance carriers
  • State and private health insurances
  • All private Health Insurance carriers
  • Self-paying and private patients

The Kurpark-Klinik is accredited by

  • All state health insurance carriers
  • A provider agreement in accordance with section 111 of the Social Legal Code, Statute Book V (SGBV)
  • Subsidized health benefits for civil servents and state employees

The Kurpark-Klinik is a teaching clinic authorized and licenzed to train physicians and medical staff

  • one year in internal medicine
  • with additional specialization naturpathic medicine


for Diet-Related Diseases | Internal Medicine| Diabetology | Naturopathic Medicine | Therapeutic Fasting 

Certified Center for Diabetes DDG
for Type 2 Diabetics

Teaching Clinic for Nutritional Medicine

BIO Certified Clinic